Ethical Trading Policy

While the bottom line profit figure is important for any business, Innovation Trading Company, as a family owned and run business, do not take it as our guiding principle.

We have always chosen to buy British products where possible and we are proud to report that approximately 50% of our range is still made in the U.K

Our purchasing agent visits all the factories we use abroad and has reported to us that no child labour and no (obvious) mistreatment of employees takes place. We have further instructed him to only deal with factories that he knows have a good “track record”.

Being in a business that only thrives on repeat business and that repeat business only comes about through consistency of supplying good quality products, we do not always use the cheapest factories as they do not turn out to be the most economic.

All the factories we use are long running businesses who we have dealt with for a number of years. They all produce a consistently good product and provide an excellent service. Even without our purchasing agents report we would be confident in the work ethics of our trading partners since achieving consistent quality and service is really only possible through proper work practices.

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