Embroidery & Printing


We have a great system in place to keep up with customer demand for quick set-up and turnaround of embroidered samples; be it a 5,000 or 25,000 stitch logo, we’ve got it covered.

Once a quote has been approved it takes just 48 hours to produce a sample with orders being turned around within 7 days.

There are no set-up fees on school logos if an order is placed. We do not have a minimum order quantity* and we embroider third party goods!

* Orders under 12 pieces are subject to a surcharge of 60p per embroidery


There are three types of printing we offer on a 7 day turnaround:

Vinyl cut printing is generally best for personalising names/numbers or a simple design for a one-off order in low quantities to make it more cost effective.

Screen printing is the most popular and long-lasting method as ink is pushed through a mesh stencil onto textiles. Only one colour/screen can be applied at a time, and each screen comes at a cost. A screen is kept for 12 months so you don’t need to keep paying a set-up charge if it is used within that period.

Transfer printing is the process of printing your designs onto special transfer paper and then applying the transfer paper onto the t-shirt or garment using a commercial heat press. It enables full-colour images to be printed very quickly and is a great option for garments with two layers. This has no set-up charge, but has an artwork charge.