Garment Care

Please always follow the manufacturers washing instructions on the garment label.
We recommend washing garments inside out.
All of our garments are easy care and need little if any ironing. If ironing is required please ensure the temperature is set correctly as this and tumble drying are the main reasons that garments are returned to us. Allowing garments to dry naturally is always best and tumble drying should only be done strictly following the temperature guideline on the garment care label. Pleated garments should never be tumble dried. The use of fabric conditioner should be avoided as this can interfere with the easy care coating on some garments and can weaken fabrics contributing to pilling.

Pilling on garments

Having researched this problem and talked to our manufacturers, the upshot is that it is almost impossible to guarantee a pill free garment. All fabrics pill to some extent. With weaker fibers the pills fall off, but with stronger fibers the pill remains attached to the fabric.
Pilling occurs during wearing or washing of the garment, when groups of short or broken fibers on the surface of the fabric become tangled together in a tiny ball – a pill. One of our manufacturers researched this quite heavily eventually going to the University of Leicester department of Textiles. The answer he received was that pilling can be caused by any number of factors or a combination of factors from the raw material down to the washing of the garment. Unfortunately it cost him a lot of time, effort and money to get a result that did not really help him.
It should be noted that pilling, although not aesthetically pleasing, actually does not affect the performance of the garment in any way. In fact, the pills can be removed using a battery operated clothes shaver. (The fact that these clothes shavers have been developed is a statement as to the prevalence of this problem.) The pills can be pulled off by hand and if one is very careful, they can even be removed with a pair of scissors or safety razor.
Batches of fabrics do perform differently even if the specification is the same, but ultimately the adverse effect of pilling is down to the attitude of the customer. Very rarely do we see cases where the pilling is ''very bad''.
Customers have brought back items of a few years old without a single “pill” on it to show the contrast with the latest stock they bought. Unfortunately, they do not realise that the older one has had enough time for the pills to fall off. We do try to accommodate our customers and do take the issue of complaints and returns very seriously, however we do reserve the right to try and put right any problems that are “fixable” and reject any cases where the garment care instructions have not been followed.
Regarding our garments, to prevent pilling, we recommend that you should wash the garment inside out, avoid the use of fabric conditioner and line dry them. For further reference washing instructions will be available on the garment label.
We do look at any complaints/returns on an individual basis and take what we consider to be the appropriate action

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